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Next Level Tattoos Costi este un salon de tatuaje si body-piercing profesionist cu sediul in Bucuresti. Acesta a fost format in anul 1999 in Targu-Jiu, iar dupa 10 ani sediul principal de lucru al salonului a fost mutat in Capitala.

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Oferim o gama larga de servicii pentru tatuaje si piercing-uri

Despre Costi Azoitei

I was born in the month of march of the year 1979 in the town of Lupeni, Hunedoara. I discovered the art of tattooing at a very young age(about 15-16 years old,) when I got my first tattoo. Not long after this, I started playing with my first needles, on my friends and on myself. At first, with the traditional needle, and after that, with equipment made by me and my friends. After some time, I met my good friend Ovidiu from Sibiu.

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